Giving Back

In the heart of every person with Wanderlust is also the deep desire to help protect our precious experiences for future generations and give back in some way as a small sign of our gratitude for all that we have today. We do what we can to tread lightly on this land, be gentle to our waters and oceans, and show kindness to the people we meet.

Here at Wanderlust we will continue to strive to be more sustainable in everything we do. We minimalize impact on land by sorting and recycling our rubbish, using eco-friendly cleaning products, sustainable bedding, saving power by USB charging points and LED lights, saving water by minimalizing the use of water and reducing our use of plastic. We are also involved in several local and national causes. We invite you to support these wonderful initiatives with us.

Buy a Wanderlust keychain, and $1 will be donated to Sea Shepherd New Zealand. Sea Shepherd are an international, non-profit marine conservation organization that campaigns to defend, conserve, and protect the world’s oceans. Sea Shepherd NZ take action to expose and confront illegal activities on our high seas such as illegal whaling and fishing. So help us to protect our oceans and buy yourself a Wanderlust key chain at reception.

Click here for more information about Sea Shepherd NZ.

Sunbeams through tall trees in a forest

The ways we give back include...

Keep New Zealand Beautiful
Join us on volunteer days to plant trees, collect litter and clean up our beaches.
Plant a Wanderlust Tree
Stay with us for more than 90 days and we will plant a tree in your name!
Key Chain Ocean Donation
Buy a Wanderlust key chain and $1 is donated to Sea Shepherd NZ
Tiaki Promise - Care for People & Place
By following the Tiaki Promise, you are making a commitment to New Zealand. To act as a guardian, protecting and preserving our home.

People Say...

Excellent location and accessibility. Love the balcony & harbour view!
- Google Review -
I stayed here for two weeks. This hostel had a very good vibe, everyone was always socializing upstairs rather than being wired to a screen. Staff was very polite, great location. All in all great time, will definitely be coming back for a bit soon. Cheers!
- Google Review -
What an amazing place with such an amazing view. The staff are so friendly and kind. The kitchen is right on the balcony and its breath taking. Whenever you travel anywhere you find one place that is your new home. This is definitely mine :)
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